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Lifeskills for Cognitive Disabilities

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Why “Financial Health”?

Money is one of the most frequently reported causes of stress. Stress is one of the most influential determinants of health. Poor health is one of the largest burdens on personal finances. Learn more about how we have defined Financial Health, in line with the WHO’s definition of health.

Training Program Design

FHI is frequently asked to help design programs for other organizations – here’s how we can help you if you’re looking to design your own training program

Training System Design & Consulting

FHI develops, implements and manages large scale training projects that span across regions, states, multiple agencies and/or departments

Comprehensive Course and Program Design

FHI develops, implements and manages entire training programs or individual courses for organizations (Includes Organizational and Professional Development programs)

Course and Program Delivery

FHI develops, implements and delivers training programs specifically developed for clients and customers of human services and economic development

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